Reasons to Homeschool

This list is not all inclusive and will be updated.


1)   God’s will

2)   Better education

3)   Interest driven education

4)   Standardized testing

5)   Less stress/anxiety

6)   Bullying

7)   Peer pressure

8)   Common Core

9)   Christian values & morals


God’s Will

In the fall of 2014 I felt God was leading me to something, but I couldn’t grasp what it was. I knew God was telling me I would make a major change. So me being me, I started searching. At this time Richard was struggling with his job and where he should be. I thought maybe God was leading me to a way to bring in extra income. I scoured the local college’s site, deciding that God was leading me to take classes and become a Pharmacy Tech. After a  few days of thinking about this and praying, it did seem like an odd choice for me. I have personal opinions on the Pharmaceutical Companies, how they are controlling Dr’s, and the cause of the addiction epidemic. So for me to go into that field would appear strange. I wasn’t sure if it was God leading me, or if I was jumping ahead of Him, as I often do.

The idea of homeschooling Morgan entered my mind, I pushed it aside, that was not for me. I was too anti social, not educated enough, not smart enough, not patient enough..etc…  I continued to ‘argue’ with God as to whether I could even consider homeschool.

January 2015, we started a 21 day cooperate fast with our church. One of the main things I prayed about during that fast was; which direction I should go. The two seemed almost to be polar opposites. Pharm. Tech. vs. Homeschool.

During the fast it became clear that God was leading me to homeschool Morgan. I still couldn’t accept it even though I knew God was in it. I doubted myself and my ability. I started doing some research online, reading everything I could find. I talked to my daughter-in-law several times about her experience with homeshooling, and her opinions.

I knew what God was saying, but I just kept dragging my feet. Surely, God is joking, surely He doesn’t really want me to do that, maybe He’ll change His mind. I know this sounds strange, but it’s the way I feel sometimes when God leads me into things I was never expecting. This homeschool was definitely not my idea. It was all Him!

Remember the story of Jonah? God wanted him to go to Nineveh, he didn’t want to go. He sat in the belly of the whale, thinking about where God was leading him, arguing with God and himself. That is where I found myself, yet again, in the belly of the whale. It seemed I’d stay there until I agreed to God’s plan.

So, as I’ve learned over the years, I should go ahead and tell God I’d do what He wanted me to, but I’d need His help. Supplies started coming at me left and right. I gathered all these things and one day realized, I have everything I need to start Morgan in 2nd grade homeschool!

This is how we begun our homeschool journey. I have little faith in myself, but I have total faith in my God.